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TLS100 Tripod Stand List Price: $530.00
TLS100 Tripod Stand with Mouse Pad List Price: $570.00
Mouse Pad Only with mounting bracket List Price: $90.00

A Rugged On Site Laptop Stand

If you work in the field with a laptop, you know how hard it is to find a stable place to position your laptop, so you can work efficiently. Regardless, if you are doing machine calibration, appraisals, damage assessments, plan review, or recording data, this is the laptop stand for your needs. The wide based aluminum tripod is designed to withstand heavy "on site" use. It features a spring-loaded platform allowing the user to quickly mount and secure their laptop to the stand. It is an extremely flexible field unit. The tripod may be adjusted to allow the user to either sit or stand.

TLS100 Tripod Laptop Stand

Complete Assembly:
Maximum Height: 45" to the top of the laptop clamp assembly
Minimum height: 28" to the top of the laptop clamp assembly
Adj. increments: Infinite
Tilt range: 90° positive
90° negative
10° left
10° right
Rotation: 360°
Net weight: 9.5 pounds

Tripod Stand:
Footprint: 15" From the center of the tripod
at 3 locations, 120° apart
Collapsed size: 24" x 5.5" x 5.5"
Net Weight: 6.25 pounds
Color: Black

Laptop Clamp Assembly:
Clamping capacity: 10" x 14" side to side
Size in travel mode: 12" x 10" x 5"
Retention arms: 4 (Horizontal and vertical adjustment)
Net Weight: 3.5 pounds
Color: Black

Optional Writing Surface:
Part #: WS1214
Size: 12" x 14"
Custom Sizes Available

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