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LCD Monitor Arms
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Classroom Versatility

It's never too early to promote good posture!

Today’s students will soon face the challenges of the workplace. Learning proper keyboarding skills is a necessary part of a well-rounded, functional education.

Experts state that good work habits should be taught at an early age. Promoting and maintaining good posture should be an essential element of keyboard training.

Ergonomic professionals agree that our innovative keyboard trays, monitor supports and wrist supports help minimize stress and fatigue, as well as, diminish the risks normally associated with repetitive motion injuries. Increased comfort translates into a better teaching environment.

One Size Does Not Fit All...

How flexible is your keyboarding classroom? Can you easily adjust your keyboard training station to fit the needs of the individual student? As you know, there is a sizeable difference between a second grade student and a fourth grade student. Special needs children must also be considered. With this in mind, it makes sense to have a training station that is easily adaptable. Ergonomically engineered keyboards, keyboard trays and articulating arms are the basic components of a flexible training station.

We build ergonomic systems that directly address the needs and requirements of Educational Institutions and Special Needs Individuals as well as those individuals returning to work after sustaining an injury.

Our wall mounted Sit/Stand Flat Screen Support System is finding ever increasing acceptance for those with special needs as well as where classroom space is a concern. Perfect for use in classrooms or libraries where there are operators of different heights.

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